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Despite India’s energy problem, power equities are gaining traction

India's power consumption

In April, India’s power consumption reached an all-time high of 132.98 billion units, owing to the country’s rising mercury levels. The country’s electricity demand is likely to grow to 220 gigawatts in the next two months, according to India’s power ministry, as the meteorological department predicts above-normal maximum temperatures in the west-central, north-west, north, and …

 Power ministry: The total amount of power consumed in India has exceeded 201.

Union Minister for Power RK Singh

The central government said the greatest all-India power demand met on Tuesday was 201.066 GW, despite complaints of coal shortages at power facilities across the country. The demand exceeded last year’s maximum demand of 200.539 GW, which occurred on July 7, 2021, according to the Ministry of Power. The country’s economic expansion is reflected in …