China reports 1,366 new local Covid-19 infections in last 24 hours

China reports 1 366 new local Covid-19

The Chinese mainland reported 1,366 new locally-transmitted COVID-19 infections in the last 24 hours, the National Health Commission said Monday.

In addition, China’s strict lockdown in Shanghai is affecting global supply chains.

Of the local confirmed cases reported Sunday, 836 were in Jilin, 425 in Shanghai, and 16 in Fujian, according to Xinhua News Agency.

Besides, a total of 39 new imported COVID-19 cases were reported across the mainland, compared with 51 in the previous day.

Following the recovery of 1,848 patients on Sunday, the number of COVID-19 patients currently undergoing treatment stood at 25,724, including 54 in critical conditions,

There have been no new COVID-19 deaths and the death toll has remained unchanged at 4,638, it added.

Amid the largest lockdown in two years, the Chinese city of Shanghai last Friday launched the second phase of a massive COVID-19 PCR screening, local media reported citing local authorities.

The COVID restrictions have caused major delays at Shanghai port, which is the world’s busiest container port, handling more than four times the volume seen at the Port of Los Angeles in 2021, according to data from both cities’ port authorities, CNN reported.

With a population of nearly 25 million people, Shanghai detected 358 local COVID-19 cases, and another 4,144 asymptomatic infections over the past day.

The first lockdown phase lasted from 5 am (local time) March 28 until 5 am April 1 in the areas located east and south of the Huangpu River, including Pudong, Fengxian, Jinshan and Chongming districts, and several areas of Minhang and Songjiang.

The second phase came into effect at 3 am (local time) today and will last until 3 am (local time) on April 5 in areas west of the Huangpu River, including Xuhui, Huangpu, and Jiading districts.

The operation of public and private traffic is shut down, and the bridges over the river are also closed for the lockdown period.

Last month, China has faced its worst outbreak since the coronavirus was first detected in Wuhan. From March 1 to 24, the country had reported 56,000 infections — more than the total cases in Wuhan two years ago.

The number of coronavirus cases and deaths reported by the Chinese authorities since the beginning of the pandemic in late 2019 is considered a tiny fraction of the real figures, with Beijing admitting to just over 1,00,000 total cases prior to the current surge.

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